SASY Mission and Purpose

Mission:  SASY empowers residents to engage in their community.

Purpose: SASY is established for charitable and educational purposes. SASY shall advocate for a high quality of life for, and equitable treatment of all SASY residents, including those who are disadvantaged by poverty, underrepresentation, or other distress. SASY shall inform and educate all residents of the SASY neighborhood about changes proposed for the neighborhood, how changes could affect their lives, businesses, or property,and opportunities for improving the quality of life and business climate within the SASY neighborhood

How we do: SASY shall advance our Mission and Purpose by:

  • Reaching out to residents and businesses in the SASY neighborhood to inform them of issues that may affect their quality of life, or business climate,
  • Partnering with other neighborhood associations and organizations on issuesof mutual interest
  • Hosting and facilitating open discussions of issues that have the potential toaffect the quality of life or business climate, and soliciting perspectives ofresidents and business in the SASY neighborhood.
  • Articulating neighborhood views on such issues, and communicating thoseviews to people and agencies who will make decisions about the issues, and 
  • Raising money through membership dues and events, and granting money toorganizations and projects that advance our Purpose.

Reviewed and adopted November 2016.

Link to SASY Bylaws

Map of SASY neighborhood
To stay informed, SASY Neighbors are encouraged to
join the conversation on FacebookYahoo GroupsNextdoor 
or, just talk to your neighbors in person
if you're not into the whole Internet thing! 

If you're looking for a more formal forum to speak your mind, consider attending monthly
SASY Neighborhood meetings at the Goodman Community Center
 Every 2nd Thursday at 6:30
If you need a hand getting connected send an email to the
Communications Commitee at
We'd be glad to help!