SASY Neighborhood Association Council FAQ  —  14 Feb 2014

Do I need to live in the SASY neighborhood to be on the Council ?
    Yes, according to our current bylaws council members must live or work in the neighborhood. Check out the map below or on our website.  

SASY neighborhood association seems like you have lots going on.  You are a very active group.  Will I be expected to be part of all of what you are doing with SASY?
   No.  You can choose which initiatives you would like to be part of.  Most of our work is done in small committees, and there’s many areas of interest to choose from.

How often do you meet ?  
   The Council meets once a month at 6:30 PM on the second Thursday.  

Can I bring new topics to the Council; I have some new ideas for SASY?
   Absolutely, we welcome new ideas, and new energy.   If we’re not already doing something that needs doing, you can even invite a new SASY committee or work group to form.

What are some skills needed on the Council right now?
   For SASY, almost ANY new energy, talents, expertise, new ideas are useful and appreciated.  
   For example, beyond specific areas of expertise, we always are grateful for such things as: help taking minutes at meetings; help with e-communications -- the listserv, website and SASY Facebook page; volunteer wrangling for such events as the Solstice, Atwood Fest, general membership and other community meetings; postering/flyering and on-the-ground contact with neighbors, schools, businesses and organizations; and so on.

Will I have to sign up and grill corn at the Atwood Fest?
   No, this is a voluntary effort, and we reach out to SASY and ask for more volunteers.

I am sort of a quiet type.   Is it Okay if I don't speak up much in meetings?
   Absolutely, fine. We’ve got plenty of talkers -- thoughtful listeners and doers needed!

I would like to be more active in SASY, but not be a member of the Council.   Can you suggest how I do that?
   Many SASY members contribute their time and energy on committees whether or not they’re on the council itself.  Everyone is welcome to join our Monthly meetings, and you can look for a Committee to join.

SASY neighborhood association agendas look very full.  You seem to keep adding more and more to your agenda.   How do you manage meetings; do you ever decide to drop certain topics?
   Yes, our meetings agenda have been full.   Active committees are always on the agenda, but we encourage them to send in written reports beforehand to save meeting time.
   And yes, we do drop initiatives sometimes, especially those with less energy or people-power behind them.   
   We also support the SASY Chair to be an effective meeting facilitator, allowing enough time for discussion and still keep the meeting moving along.

How much are SASY dues?
   SASY dues for membership are $5 - and drop to $1 on a sliding scale.  SASY members may also decide to donate more to support SASY.  

I want to understand more what SASY is all about.  Do you have a mission statement?
   Yes, click here.

Who can I contact to learn more?
   Contact any member of the SASY Council.   Or, for specific questions about the upcoming meeting, contact Lance Green, Membership Coordinator [greenlance AT].

To learn more about SASY, check out our web site:, join our mail list by sending a blank email to:, or find our SASY group on Facebook.