SASY meets Madison Mayor Paul Soglin for a neighborhood forum ~ 12 Jan 2012

Video and sound courtesy of neighbors Gretta Wing-Miller and Aarick Beher of DownTown Dailies


Solving Madison Kipp Pollution

The questions of Mayor Soglin as they were phrased and appeared on the screen...

Isn't it about time the neighborhood and City were asked to participate in negotiations over the Kipp contamination, instead of continuing to rely upon closed-door, non-transparent meetings only including Kipp and the DNR?

What actions will the City take to remove this threat and secure safety for residents living nearby, for the surrounding neighborhood and the city’s water supply below? 

Can the City act to require physical removal of the contaminant? 

Will you create a task force to investigate and act on this problem thoroughly?


Water Quality

Do you think the City should create an Inter-Department Task Force or Working Group on Kipp: Engineering + Public Health + Water Utility, that would meet regularly, and report to you regularly?
Help us understand why the City Water Utility does not wish to shut down well number 8.



Will you provide the focussed leadership from the top that this effort needs to stay on track and get done right?

What process do you intend to put in place to accomplish this?

Do you hear the neighborhood’s yearning for a Garver that is developed properly?

And will you appoint and empower neighborhood representatives to contribute meaningfully to the planning and design process?


The North Plat

When will the North Plat's use and design be planned and implemented?

How will that be done?  

Who will be involved and how can the neighborhood have input into the planning?


Union Corners

What is the practical strategy you will use to balance the immediate, short-term benefits of a partial development versus a long-term, holistic vision for Union Corners?

And will you appoint and empower neighborhood representatives to contribute meaningfully to the planning and design process?

Compare and contrast Union Corners with what is coming about at the Royster site off Cottage Grove.


Airport Noise

While a lawsuit similar to Minneapolis would certainly get Joe Parisi's attention, can we count on you to make airport noise reduction a City priority and to stand with us as we pressure the County to improve its airport noise control program?


Roads, Paving and Debt

In the face of increasing debt service expenditures, why do we continue to favor road expansion over community development?



How can we increase the frequency of our service on the same streets we already have now? 

How can we improve weekend service which is very limited and doesn't even go to Olbrich Park? 

What can be  done to protect bus service in our neighborhood and how can our neighborhood' have input on this planning?

What are our best strategies and arguments to use with the metro planners?


Regional Transit

Expanded comments on creating a viable regional transit system...

Infilling Neighborhoods & Public Participation

What steps will you take to ensure that citizen involvement is strong, well-informed, and listened to?

Will you support an Office of Neighborhoods for Madison, and funding for staff assistance to neighborhoods to update their plans professionally?

And why aren’t you filling citizen committee appointments?


Other Questions

Mayor Soglin fields questions from the floor...