Festival Committee


The mission of the SASY Festival Committee is to build community and draw neighbors closer through both celebration and cooperation while maintaining the long tradition of an annual street fair and summer festival on Atwood Ave., now named Atwoodfest. The committee and festival organizers will work with residents and business owners of the SASY and adjacent neighborhoods to provide a fun, sustainable and respectful celebration of our diversity and the rich cultural, artistic and commercial offerings of our neighborhood. This committee has a  renewable sunset date of one year (February, 2016).

  • Assist in designing an organizing festival structure and securing sponsorship that creates a sustainable enterprise.
  • Provide support and access to member resources for the staffing of the festival and assisting  the festival coordinator in required volunteer management.
  • Develop and execute an annual themed raffle in support of the festival and its goals. SASY and The SASY Committee serve as the one third partner in the organization and  presentation of Atwoodfest with The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center and The Barrymore Theatre, being responsible primarily for volunteer recruitment and management as well as Raffle execution
2014 AtwoodFest Vedor Registration Form Complete this form and send it to info@atwoodfest.org
2014 AtwoodFest Regulations
Email info@atwoodfest.org if if you'd like to volunteer to sell tickets for or donate items for to the raffle or you want to be part of the crew of AtwoodFest.
Meeting Minutes