DNR-MKC Pollution ("Kipp") Adhoc Committee

Committee Charge:  

  • Seek a clean and safe living environment as it relates to MKC operations.

Committee Tasks:

  • Advocate for immediate and thorough environmental clean up and a healthy neighborhood.
  • Monitor activities related to MKC contamination.
  • Participate with agencies in meeting discussions.
  • Advise SASY Council on questions that might be asked and actions that might be take

Media and Communications

SASY Committee Tours Madison Kipp Plant Report - Lance Green, 16 May 2014  (Click for PDF)

SASY's to Wisconsin DNR and others re: KIPP pollution,  27 Mar 2013 (Click for PDF)

DNR letter to MKC, Review of Kipp Investigation prepared by ARCADIS, 20 Jun 2013, Click for PDF

SASY's Letter to  Wisconsin DNR,  our Electeds and others. 27 Mar 2013.  Click  for PDF. Related press release to the media: Click  for PDF.

 DNR letter to Kipp - Requirements of Comprehensive Investigation and Remediation Activities.  11 May 2012. Click for PDF.

Leslee Nelson's Art to Benefit  Families near Kipp. Click here to see

Vapor Intrusion Expert  public session, Plymouth Church, 16 May 2012 Click for PDF flyer

SASY's Letter to Mayor Soglin, Wisconsin DNR, Madison Kipp Corp. and our Electeds.13 April 2012.  Click  for PDF. Click here for the Mayor's response letter, 11 May 2012.  

Rep. Chris Taylor's letter to Kipp dated 13 February 2012. Click for PDF.

"How neighbors' frustration with Madison-Kipp erupted into major lawsuit" Cap Times article, February 8, 2012

DNR Neighborhood Update:  Madison Kipp Corp. Investigation & Cleanup. 19 December 2011. Click for PDF

DNR Neighborhood Update:  Madison Kipp Corp. Investigation & Cleanup. 3 November 2011. Click for PDF

Rep. Chris Taylor's letter to the DNR.  21 October 2011  Click for PDF

SASY's Letter to Wisconsin DNR, Madison Kipp Corp., our Alder and the City. 21 October 2011. Click for PDF

Interview with Health Writer Gary Karch and community activist Lance Green discussing the impact of the Kipp Corporation's legacy of ground, air and water contamination broadcast April 12, 2011 on WORT-FM. Click to visit HeathWrites' webpage.

Additional Public Documents

Kipp Committee reports shared at SASY monthly meetings

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) updates, investigation reports, contacts and subscribe to DNR Update service

Site Investigation Work Plan posted with the DNR

Kenneth Wade comments about work plan (July 2012)

Kenneth Wade comments about work plan (October 2011)

Michael Best email October 13, 2011 Saturday public meeting

Notice of intent to file suit, July 19, 2011

Kipp letter to DNR June 29, 2011

DHS letter to Kipp June 27, 2011

DNR letter to Kipp June 23, 2011

Kipp meeting notice to Peter Uttech September 1, 2010

RJN proposed vapor work plan June 28, 2010

Maria Powell memo June 15, 2011 DNR and DHS risk assessments

DNR email Feb 10, 2010 Madison-Kipp vapor results

Bob Nauta email - October 7, 2009 Nauta contact info

US Envir Protec Agency memo - Guidance Concerning EPA Involvement in RCRA Section 7002 Citizen Suits

Chicago Law Publications on RCRA

City of Madison memo date? steps to take