MG&E Rate Restructuring Proposal Committee


To provide the SASYNA Council with information and analysis of the MGE rate restructuring
proposal to the Public Service Commission (PSC)
• To propose recommendations for action to the Council regarding the MGE rate restructuring 
proposal to the PSC
• To coordinate with other groups responding to the MGE billing restructuring

Recent News:

The deadline for getting in comments to the PSC has been pushed back to October 9th. 

MG&E Committee Proposed Resolution Opposing MG&E Rate Restructuring

MG&E proposes to nearly double customers' fixed rates and blunt sustainability initiatives, Sep/October East Side News


Website addres and Facebook group link for RePower Madison, a coalition of representatives of different groups that are working on the MGE rate restructuring issue.

Link to the City's Sustainability Plan (PDF)

MG&E Ad-hoc Committee Article (PDF)

MG&E Committee Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Minutes 20140827 (PDF)

Draft Mission Statement and Meeting Minutes (PDF)