What problems, ideas and/or solutions do you have for any of the SASY neighborhood streets? We are still inviting feedback from you about our neighborhood streets. The first SASY STREETS public meeting was held February 20, 2014 at Trinity Lutheran Church with about 40 attendees (despite inclement weather) to collect your problem areas, ideas and/or solutions. Email your ideas to:

Upcoming Resurfacing and Restructuring Projects in the SASY Neighborhood
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SASY Resurfacing Projects 2014

Corridor Planning Information --- for more, see the Corridor Planning committee's page...

Plans & Other Relevant Documents

Transportation Committee Revised Reccomendations

Compilation of the transportation-related visions and recommendations presented in three neighborhood plans

Lowell School Traffic Safety brochure

Marquette-O'Keefe School Traffic Safety brochure

DOT Law Bike Road Crossing

Seattle Woonerf drawing


Neighborhood Traffic Management Program Manual and procedures
Procedures for instigating traffic bumps, traffic circles, and other traffic calming measures in your immediate neighborhood begin on page 3 of this document:

Urban Street Design Examples

The Urban Street Design Guide and Urban Bikeway Design Guide provide cities with state-of-the-practice solutions for 21st century transportation infrastructure. Drawing on the experience and expertise of leading practitioners, these guides together present a blueprint for complete streets that are safe and enjoyable for everyone using them.

Urban Street Design Guide:

Urban Bikeway Design Guide:

Transportation Committee

Members: Tim Wong, Donna Magdalina, Chair; Melanie Foxcroft, Lance Green, Larry Jensen, Matthew Miller, Maya Lea

The mission of the SASY Transportation Committee is to promote a safe, sustainable, walkable & bikeable, multimodal neighborhood.  The committee will work with residents of the SASY neighborhood, SASY businesses, city staff & elected representatives to identify, educate, develop policy and evaluate implementation & results regarding:

•    Short & long-range transportation infrastructure needs
•    Proposed and planned projects, impacts & issues
•    Transportation-related values, priorities and needs of residents & businesses

The committee will serve as the initial consultation for transportation-related design, development, construction & repair in the neighborhood: infrastructure, pedestrian, bicycle, mass-transit, motor vehicle & snow removal. The committee will make recommendations to the SASY Council.

Committee charge approved March 8, 2012
Please refer to council minutes for additional comments requesting formulation and submission of goals by the TC to the council.

Agendas and Minutes

30 June 2015 report

23 February report

11 December report

14 July 2014 agenda notes

22 April 2014 report notes

13 November 2013 minutes notes

22 October 2013 minutes notes

24 September 2013 minutes

27 August 2013 minutes

23 July 2013 meeting minutes

23 May 2013 meeting minutes

26 March 2013 meeting notes 

5 February 2 2013 meeting minutes

15 January 2013 meeting minutes

11 September 2012 meeting draft agenda

15 August 2012 meeting minutes

9 May 2012 meeting minutes

27 March 2012 meeting minutes

4 December 2012 meeting minutes.

9 October 2012 meeting minutes