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Union Corners Temporary & Transitional Uses
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SASY's Union Corners Archives

Past chair: Mark McFadden  Members: Lou Host-Jablonski, Catherine Stephens, Joe Mingle, John Steines, Marsha Rummel, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Dace Zeps, Mary Anglim, Jacque Pokorney, Gary Karch, Ken Fitzsimmons, Larry Stephens

Committee Charge: Temporary and Transitional Uses at Union Corners

The neighborhoods around Union Corners expect that development at Union Corners will be evolutionary in nature.  Instead of a single, massive development on the 11 acre site, the community envision temporary and transitional uses that will appear at the site.  Temporary uses are uses of Union Corners that appear and meet a set of needs of stakeholders and may have a limited lifetime.  Transitional uses are uses that have a trajectory that may lead to a permanent part of the long-term vision for the site.  In either case, the temporary and transitional uses are not intended to conflict for larger vision for long-range development.  On the other hand, temporary and transitional uses address the need to do something creative and useful with the site while waiting for the economic conditions that would permit long-term visionary uses.

The SASY Union Corners Temporary and Transitional Ad Hoc Committee will identify criteria for deciding on appropriate Temporary and Transitional uses, help put mechanisms in place to support those uses, and provide a model for land banked properties in the City of Madison.

This SASY Committee is open to anyone regardless of whether or not they are residents in the SASY neighborhood.  The committee meets at least monthly.  The committee reports monthly to the SASY council.  The current chairperson is Mark McFadden.  The committee also reports its work publicly on the SASYNA.org web site and through a mailing list that is set up specifically for the committee.