The Union Corners Committee is an inter-neighborhood group:

(SASY) Brad Hinkfuss, John Steines, Lou Host-Jablonski, Larry Stephens, Ken Fitzsimmons, Dan Melton, James Montgomery, Marsha Rummel (District 6 Alder)
(WPNA) Alfonso Flores
(Eken Park & Emerson East) Satya Rhodes-Conway, Larry Palm (District 12 Alder), Maya Lea, Mary Anglin, Jody Werzinske
(EINPC) Joe Mingle

Current Events

4-Neighborhhood Priority Issues (PDF) — 24 April 2014 presentation and dialog by ±50 neighborhood citizens and the team from Gorman & Co. The slide show explores many specific points and documents a largely positive response to the developer's latest, much improved scheme, ahead of their May 2014 GDP submittal.

Gorman's 2012 proposal vs. 2014 UDC informational version — On 1 March 2014, ±100 neighborhood citizens and the team from Gorman & Co. met for a public feedback session. John and Lou made a slide presentation which contrasted the development team's initial 2012 RFP proposal to their heavily revised concept presented to the Urban Design Commission in late January. 

The latter was met with alarm and provoked strong negative responses from UDC and Planning staff. It also quickly drew together the 4 neighborhoods in renewed vigilance. This took the form of meetings of a steering committee composed of leaders of the 4 neighborhoods and Alder Marsha Rummel, and collaboration on a response.

Some Relevant Documents