Union Triangle Committee

Union Triangle Committee Proposed Charge

By forming a SASYNA committee, working with our own neighbors in the Union Triangle Neighborhood bounded by Milwaukee Street to the South, Clyde Gallagher Road to the East and East Washington, and with our near-neighborhood associations, the police, local businesses, landlords, and the City, we want to make the streets, roads, parks and local stores safer. 

Description of the Neighborhood:

Our neighborhood is full of great people; teachers, musicians, therapists, stay-at-home parents, artists, City workers, those looking for jobs, academics and retirees. With a lot of those folks come their kids who like to play, bike, draw on the sidewalk, attend the local schools and run amuck in the parks. 

It’s a fun, quirky, vibrant place to live.

Recently, however, we've seen an increase in disturbances. There have been afternoon and night-time shootings; drinking, drug use and prostitution in the parks; cars careening up and down the roads like it’s a racetrack. Before it gets any worse, we want to take ownership of our neighborhood and its issues.

If people are talking about our neighborhood, we want it to be for the right reasons.

Goals of the Committee:

During the next year, the subcommittee will focus on the following areas:

  • Crime
  • Traffic
  • Parks
  • Neighborhood events and outreach

We’ll look to improve the place, focusing on measurable goals, when possible, with both short-term and long-term projects. Here’s how:


  • Set up regular meetings with the police to ask about their strategy and discuss how we can partner to help reduce the crime rate. 
  • Encourage neighbors to call incidents in to the police (ask the police how they want this to happen).
  • Work with local businesses and landlords.
  • Contact agencies and community centers, to develop relationships with them to help those who need it.


  • Research and deliver road safety ideas for specific roads. Initial ideas include play streets (woonerfs), road murals and speed radars.
  • Build relationships with the City’s engineering department to help influence our ideas.


  • Work with the Police and City to make Reger and Hippo Park safer.
  • Encourage neighbors to use the parks more, both informally and by planning events.

Neighborhood events and outreach

  • Continue to plan “all-welcome” events such as the Union Street Block Party, Halloween and Christmas caroling.
  • Encourage more informal gatherings.
  • Encourage neighbors to attend other neighborhood association events, helping to bridge the gaps. 

Resources: Join the discussion at the Union Triangle Google Group here or simply send an email to union-triangle-neighborhood+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

And/or join the discussion on the Union Triangle Facebook page.

Meeting Minutes:

Union Triangle Committee Meeting 20140819 Minutes and Report (PDF)
Union Triangle Committee Meeting 20140910 Minutes and Proposed Charter (PDF)


What? A day long community event painting the corner of Union Street with a road mural. Neighbors from Union Triangle, Darbo Drive, Worthington Park and SASY will all join together to help.

When? Sept. 5, 2015 from 9 a.m. to dusk.

Where? On the corner of the 2900 block of Union Street and Clyde Gallagher, near the Madison bike path.

Why? This is a placemaking event. We intend to beautify the space while further developing the space as a place for neighbors to gather. It's also a community event to bring together people from different neighborhoods.

News interest: During the last year the Union Triangle neighborhood has been organizing to help reduce crime, improve the look and feel of the area and reach out to neighboring communities. This came after a shooting on North Marquette Street in broad daylight in July 2014. The community has galvanized through events such as neighborhood picnics and planting trees and shrubs along Starkweather Creek. This is our most ambitious event yet.

More details, and quotes from Madison Eastside Police Captain Mary Schauf and Alder Marsha Rummel, will be released on Monday, Aug. 31.

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Too make this happen we'll need to gather the following supplies.You can indicate what you have using this form. Supplies can be brought the day of the event.