What is SASY?
SASY is a neighborhood on the near-east side of Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin, USA. SASY is the artistic, funky, and entrepreneurial soul of Madison.

SASY is mostly residential, with the commercial spine of Atwood Avenue running through the core. SASY also includes Hawthorne Park, Reger Park, Wirth Court Park, and much of Olbrich park and Olbrich Botanical Gardens. It is bounded on three sides by the Yahara River, Lake Monona, and Starkweather Creek. We have a high Walk Score and Bike Score.

At the core of the neighborhood is Schenk’s Corners, the first suburban commercial center to develop along the streetcar system outside of downtown Madison in the 1920s.

SASY is also the name of the neighborhood association founded in 1999 to facilitate participation by SASY residents and businesses in decisions, processes, and legislation that affect our neighborhood. In 2018, SASY was incorporated as a 501c non-profit organization run by a board of directors. SASY, Inc. recognized by the City of Madison.

What does SASY stand for?
SASY stands for Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Yahara: the names of four character-defining features of our neighborhood.

Schenk’s Corners is the core of SASY’s commercial district.
Atwood Ave. is the commercial and transportation spine that runs through the neighborhood.
Starkweather Creek is the eastern boundary of the neighborhood, and
Yahara River is the western boundary.

What does the SASY Neighborhood Association do?
The SASY Neighborhood Association empowers neighbors to engage in their community.

We do that by following planning efforts, development proposals, environmental issues, and transportation plans. We evaluate their potential impact on the neighborhood, and share them with residents and businesses on social media, monthly board meetings, and public neighborhood meetings to gather input from stakeholders. That input is a personal, on-the-ground perspective that we can take to city agencies who make decisions about places in our neighborhood. As an organized and incorporated neighborhood association recognized by the City of Madison, we are in a strong position to affect policies and proposals in ways that will have positive impacts on our neighborhood.

SASY, Inc. is also proactive in making the SASY neighborhood a better place for residents, visitors, and businesses. Committees take on placemaking projects, study transportation needs, tackle environmental issues, plan events, and work with local arts organizations.

We also grant money to projects and programs that make the SASY Neighborhood a better place to live and work. We raise money through our annual neighborhood festival, AtwoodFest, and grant much of it to organizations and individuals doing good things in the SASY neighborhood.

Where and when does the SASY Neighborhood Association meet?
Board meetings happen on the second Thursday of every month. They start at 6:30, and almost always happen at Goodman Community Center.

Where is SASY?
Here’s a map of the boundaries of the SASY neighborhood.

Who is on the SASY Board of Directors?
Here’s a current list of board members.

How do I get a SASY Neighborhood Grant?
Apply here.  The SASY Neighborhood Grant program is funded by proceeds from AtwoodFest, and operates on an annual cycle. Grant funding is announced annually in the fall. The deadline for grant applications is usually February 1. Grants are usually awarded in March.

How can I communicate with the SASY Neighborhood Association?
Contact Us or Find us on Social Media:


How can I get involved with the SASY Neighborhood Association?
Come to our board meetings. This is best place to start, and to learn about what’s happening in the neighborhood. Board meetings are always open to the public. We meet the second Thursday of each month, 6:30 at Goodman Community Center. Get to know some board members and what the committees do.

Join a committee. If you’re ready to take the next step, take a closer look at the committees, and determine where you’re interests and time fit best. Talk with the committee chair to get involved.

Run for Board seat. If you’re interested in running for a seat on the Board of Directors, come to the Annual Business Meeting, typically held in May each year. There is no need to declare your intent to run ahead of this meeting, unless you are a current Board member. Board terms are two years. Board members are expected to join at least one committee, and help with our annual neighborhood festival, AtwoodFest. For more about how the SASY Board of Directors functions, see our Bylaws.