Arts & Culture Committee

  • Tim McCarty, Chair
  • Megan Williamson
  • Molly Moran
  • Catherine Stephens

It is the charge of the SASY NA Arts & Culture Committee to actively promote art, artist and
cultural activities within the boundaries of the SASY neighborhood and beyond. The ACC will
work to form partnerships with other organizations and individuals to actively pursue increased
visibility and participation in the areas arts and culture.

Type of Committee
The ACC is an ad-hoc committee that will within the SASY Neighborhood Association. It is the
hope of the committee to become a standing committee after the committee’s work has begun
and the value of the committee and its work is shown.

Per SASY Neighborhood Association regulations, the composition will have at least one standing SASY Board Member and the remaining composition will be formed by at-will members from inside and outside the borders of SASY Neighborhood Association

The Chairperson will be selected by a simple vote of the members of the committee. In case of a tie a runoff will be conducted. In the case of a second tie the chairperson will be split into two co-chairs.

Activities, Duties, and Responsibilities
The activities, duties and responsibilities of the ACC will be to actively promote both directly and indirectly the arts and cultural activities first within the boundaries of SASY and beyond. The committee will work to cultivate relationships with other non-profit organizations within the boundaries of the neighborhood to further these goals. The ACC will work to provide funding and other support to both organizations and individuals who wish to provide art and cultural experiences for the public at large. These activities would include but not be limited to public music performances, public art showings and artistic educational opportunities.

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