Environmental Committee

  • Heather Driscoll, Chair
  • Shari Bernstein
  • Geoffrey Cushman
  • Lance Green
  • Steven Klafk


SASY Leaf-free Streets (Sep.-Nov.)

We are working with the city and county to help educate and motivate residents to remove leaves from our streets before rain. Studies have found that 50% of the annual amount of phosphorus in urban stormwater can come from leaves in the street! Join us to help keep our lakes free of toxic algae. Read up more on the issue here: http://www.ripple-effects.com/leaf-free-streets

Neighborhood Air Monitoring (ongoing)

In the fall of 2018, the SASY Environmental Committee purchased Purple Air monitors to get a better picture of what is happening with the air in our neighborhood. We currently have 7 monitors collecting data and you can see the data in real-time here: https://www.purpleair.com/map#13.21/43.09553/-89.34181

Clean Energy Corridor

The transition to clean energy is a high priority for SASY residents and the Council. SASY Council has provided a welcoming platform for residents taking action to bring more renewable energy into the neighborhood. Profiles of solar-powered households and organizations in the SASY neighborhood are accessible here.  For more information on neighborhood-based clean energy initiatives, contact Michael Vickerman at mvickerman@yahoo.com.

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