Garver Committee

Retired 6/17/17

  • Betty Chewning
  • John Steines
  • Lou Host-Jablonski
  • John Martens
  • Sarah White,
  • Brad Hinkfuss

Click below to view a slide presentation of a concept for the Garver building as ruin garden plus museum, cafe, gift shop, etc.. The ad-hoc Garver committee spoke to the Parks Commission in a public hearing on 9 Nov 2011.

“Brick 101” Session: What Makes a Brick Happy?

Thursday, February 7 2013, 6:30p.m at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

The public is invited to attend a community meeting to understand the Garver Feed Mill’s late 19th century/early 20th century masonry construction and the study methods being employed by Facility Engineering, Inc. to evaluate the condition of the bricks and the efforts required to stabilize the Mill.

The topics to be addressed include the history of masonry, the characteristics of the specific brick used to construct Garver Feed Mill, the materials used for brick-making and repair, and the difference between historic and contemporary bricks and masonry. In addition, types of distress and proper and improper brick repairs will be explained. The meeting will end with a review of the methods the consultants are going through to gather information about Garver Feed Mill’s condition.

Discussion to be lead by Charles Quagliana, a local preservation architect with more than 30 years of experience, and whose firm has a contract with the City of Madison to evaluate the Feed Mill.

Information can also be found on the project’s web site:

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