Hudson Park Committee

Retired 6/17/17

  • Matt Miller, Chair
  • Bill White
  • John Steines
  • Catherine Stephens

The Hudson Park Ad Hoc Committee seeks to resolve (long-standing) issues regarding safe access to Lake Monona at Hudson Beach, vegetation management, erosion control with the neighborhood and the City of Madison Parks Division (City Parks).


  1.  Work with City Parks and City Engineering to design and install safe access (with railing) to Hudson Beach.
  2. Work with City Parks and City Forestry to design and implement vegetation management and erosion control in Hudson Park.
  3. Other items as approved by the SASY Council.


  1.  Meet with City Parks as necessary in order to ensure neighborhood input into decisions regarding Hudson Park.
  2. Perform on-site investigation of shoreline to determine present vegetation status of each portion of shore.
  3. Develop management scenarios that can be applied to individual areas.
  4. Educate homeowners regarding vegetation management methods in Park areas next to, or across from, their properties.

Terms of the Hudson Park Ad Hoc Committee:
Sunset:  July 12, 2012, renewed as necessary.

Hudson Park by the numbers:             

  • 4.17 acres in area
  • 2,407 feet of shoreline
  • 3 effigy mounds
  • silt loam soils
  • slopes up to 85 percent (38 degrees)
  • 40 homeowners adjacent
  • 2,150 feet on Lakeland Avenue

Notes and Archives: