Union Corners Committee

Retired 6/17/17

The Union Corners Committee is an inter-neighborhood group:

(SASY) Brad Hinkfuss, John Steines, Lou Host-Jablonski, Larry Stephens, Ken Fitzsimmons, Dan Melton, James Montgomery, Marsha Rummel (District 6 Alder)
(WPNA) Alfonso Flores
(Eken Park & Emerson East) Satya Rhodes-Conway, Larry Palm (District 12 Alder), Maya Lea, Mary Anglin, Jody Werzinske
(EINPC) Joe Mingle

Past chair: Mark McFadden  Members: Lou Host-Jablonski, Catherine Stephens, Joe Mingle, John Steines, Marsha Rummel, Satya Rhodes-Conway, Dace Zeps, Mary Anglim, Jacque Pokorney, Gary Karch, Ken Fitzsimmons, Larry Stephens

Committee Charge: Temporary and Transitional Uses at Union Corners

The neighborhoods around Union Corners expect that development at Union Corners will be evolutionary in nature.  Instead of a single, massive development on the 11 acre site, the community envision temporary and transitional uses that will appear at the site.  Temporary uses are uses of Union Corners that appear and meet a set of needs of stakeholders and may have a limited lifetime.  Transitional uses are uses that have a trajectory that may lead to a permanent part of the long-term vision for the site.  In either case, the temporary and transitional uses are not intended to conflict for larger vision for long-range development.  On the other hand, temporary and transitional uses address the need to do something creative and useful with the site while waiting for the economic conditions that would permit long-term visionary uses.

The SASY Union Corners Temporary and Transitional Ad Hoc Committee will identify criteria for deciding on appropriate Temporary and Transitional uses, help put mechanisms in place to support those uses, and provide a model for land banked properties in the City of Madison.

This SASY Committee is open to anyone regardless of whether or not they are residents in the SASY neighborhood.  The committee meets at least monthly.  The committee reports monthly to the SASY council.  The current chairperson is Mark McFadden.  The committee also reports its work publicly on the SASYNA.org web site and through a mailing list that is set up specifically for the committee.


4-Neighborhhood Priority Issues (PDF) — 24 April 2014 presentation and dialog by ±50 neighborhood citizens and the team from Gorman & Co. The slide show explores many specific points and documents a largely positive response to the developer’s latest, much improved scheme, ahead of their May 2014 GDP submittal.

Gorman’s 2012 proposal vs. 2014 UDC informational version — On 1 March 2014, ±100 neighborhood citizens and the team from Gorman & Co. met for a public feedback session. John and Lou made a slide presentation which contrasted the development team’s initial 2012 RFP proposal to their heavily revised concept presented to the Urban Design Commission in late January.

The latter was met with alarm and provoked strong negative responses from UDC and Planning staff. It also quickly drew together the 4 neighborhoods in renewed vigilance. This took the form of meetings of a steering committee composed of leaders of the 4 neighborhoods and Alder Marsha Rummel, and collaboration on a response.

Some Relevant Documents

Additional Archives

Union Corners: Temporary and Transitional Use Planning

Union Corners External Links and Resources

Here you can find documents, spreadsheets and other materials that are related to the Temporary and Transitional use planning effort – Spring/Summer 2011. Most of the material here is in PDF format and you will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat) to view these files.

  1. April 16, 2011Union Corners Urban Design TalkThis presentation is the PDF (slides only) version of the urban design talk that was given by Lou Host-Jablonski at the Union Corners public input session on 9 April 2011. For the full talk with audio, click on the YouTube video elsewhere on this page.
  2. April 16, 2011Union Corners Public Input SessionThumbnail photos of the public input session at Bashford Methodist Church on 9 April 2011. PDF, 5 megs in size.
  3. April 16, 2011Union Corners Photo TourThis slideshow explores the Union Corners site and environs, as of 7 April 2011. PDF, 8.8 megs in size. For a video version, click on the YouTube video elsewhere on this page.
  4. April 13, 2011Union Corners Guidance on Temporary and Transitional UseThis document, the result of the public input sessions, is intended to give guidance to the Congress for the New Urbanism design competition. This is a short, three page paper that outlines the Temporary and Transitional use design goals for Union Corners.
  5. April 10, 2011Full List of Transitional Use Possibilities Spreadsheet This PDF spreadsheet captures all of the 140+ possibilities for Temporary and Transitional use at Union Corners as part of a brainstorming activity conducted at the April 9, 2011 meeting for Transitional use planning, with 45 people assembled from the neighborhoods surrounding Union Corners. Uses and Activities are arranged in 10 categories.
  6. April 10, 2011Transitional Uses AnalyzedThis PDF is a version of t spreadsheet that analyzes possibilities for Temporary and Transitional use at Union Corners. Uses and Activities are analyzed according to their “stickiness”, “transitional trajectory” and management issues
  7. April 7, 2011Communication from the City to Nearby Residents Regarding Rock Crushing – A letter (no longer available?) was sent from the City of Madison to residents near Union Corners describing the rock crushing and pavement recycling temporary use. This activity started with Williamson Street reconstruction in mid-April, 2011.

  • Congress for New Urbanism Competition took place in the Spring of 2011. This competition was intended to bring conceptual designs for Union Corners to the Congress for New Urbanism conference in June of 2011. The Union Corners planning group created a three page paper describing Temporary and Transitional uses to help guide submissions.
  • Old McGrath Pages: This is the old McGrath project home page. It has a copy of the proposed site plan and some useful photos.
  • City of Madison Union Corners Page: Also an old page reflecting the past planning efforts sponsored by the City of Madison and East Isthmus Neighborhoods Planning Council.
  • Land Bank Press Release: This is the press release that the City of Madison issued when it put Union Corners into land bank status.
  • Union Corners Planning Area Meeting Notes: the City of Madison kept all the planning meeting notes from all the work the Design charette did in 2003 and 2004. This is one very long page with all the notes in one place.
  • Union Corners 2006 PUD: In 2006 there was an application for a Madison PUD for the planned Union Corners project. This is a detailed attempt to providing a zoning foundation for the site. This is a long PDF file.
  • Site Plan: Part of the application for the 2006 PUD included a site plan to be presented to Madison’s Urban Design Commission. This is a PDF that has that picture.
  • 2005 Conceptual Plan: McGrath produced a conceptual plan for the site with some explanatory detail and a picture. This is a short PDF file.
  • History: A short history of the site was prepared for the design studio process. This GIF has some internal images but also a useful overview of the history of the various parts of the site.
  • Ancient planning documents: there have been a variety of long-term planning efforts in the neighborhoods surrounding the Union Corners parcel. Here are links to the East Washington Avenue – Old East Side Master Plan, the Schenk-Atwood-Starkweather-Worthington Park Master Plan, the Emerson East-Eken Park Neighborhoods Plan, and the East Washington Avenue Gateway revitalilzation plan.